Welcome to Love from Future You, sponsored by the iNLP Center.

Here, we inspire you to learn valuable life lessons through a unique form of journaling. You’ll do this in the form of letters to yourself that give you life-changing perspective. Don’t worry, we’ll guide you through the simple process, step by step.  We’re glad you’re here!

Perspective is Everything

Of course, no one has a time machine. Still, you can have a dramatic impact on your past, present and future if you’ll engage in the simple writing process that we teach.  And it is all FREE.


We’re people just like you who deal with the uncertainty of the future and all manner of turbulence in the past and present. In spite of how difficult life can be, we’ve found a specific kind of journaling to be invaluable. We’d like to teach you how to do it for yourself.


Healing Your Child Self Journal Template Instructions

Access the journal template here if you’re ready to begin immediately. To learn how it works, click here. Otherwise, scroll down for instructions. Instructions: When you arrive at the template, you’ll see very brief instructions followed by a series of prompts. Beneath each prompt is space for you to type your answers directly into the …

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